Rodents Disinfestations

Rodents can be curbed in 3 ways:

Poison Baiting: In this method the poison is mixed with eatables and strewn in the corners or holes, The rat after eating this mixture dies after a day.

This treatment is mostly done in societies and open areas.

This method is not suitable in offices and stores as if the rat dies in AC ducts or false ceiling, retrieving it would be a problem. The odour too would create a menace.

GLUE BOARDS: The glue boards are placed in most frequented place. A bait is placed in the centre of the glue board to entice the rat to get stuck to the board. This method is mostly used in offices, malls and departmental stores. This method is the most non messy one.

CAGES: This method is the oldest method of catching a mouse / rat. A bait is placed inside the cage and when the rat enters to eat the bait he is immediately trapped inside it.

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