Termites Disinfestations

Odourless Chemical Treatment

Termites mostly pale brown to white have no constriction between thorax and abdomen and have bearded antennae. They require a temperature of 20 Degree to 35 Degree Celsius for growth. Termites can pass through a 0.3 mm crack or an expansion joint to the ground below or into the wall and build a tunnel from there.

What damage Termites could cause ?

Termites ( White Ants ) if not treated at the early stage could cause severe damage to human habitat and property by destroying Furniture, Wooden frameworks, Doors, Windows, Beams, Paper Product, Construction, Timber Bearer, Floor and Ceiling joints, Wall Studs, timber Rims, Wallpaper and anything that has Cellulose.

Signs of Termites Infestations

  • Hollow sound on tapping structure timber will indicate destructive activity of termite inside.

  • Sawdust like powder near doors and Windows.

  • Stray wings left near Doors and Windows.

  • Tiny holes on any wooden surface in and outside your home.

  • Paint starts to bubble on wooden surface.

How to treat Termites ?

For eradicating termites completely from your place, a drilling treatment is required at the base of the wall i.e. on the skirting of the wall (the place where floor and wall meet). Holes are drilled at a distance of 1 ~ 2 feet each. Insecticides is pumped into the dug holes and the holes than covered with white cement. Insecticides is also sprayed on the affected parts and all the corners of your premise.

Odourless Chemical Used & Our Dealer

Chemical Name: Bayer's Premise ( Imidachloprid 200 SC ).

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